Monday, June 23, 2014

Super Duper Easy Dishcloth

Crochet Pattern

Hook Size: 5mm; H
Yarn suggested: Lily Sugar'n Cream
Yarn Weight: Worsted/Aran
Gauge: Not important

Ch: 20
R1: sc in every ch; ch2 turn
R2-9: dc in every stitch, ch2 turn
R10: dc in every stitch, pull tail through last stitch until you have a loop as long as you'd like leaving enough extra yarn for the knot, then tighten. Take the loop and knot it, making sure the knot is snug against the dish cloth, then break yarn close to, but not right up against the knot.

Makes approximately one 6in x 6in dish cloth. To make it bigger chain extra stitches and measure, then repeat row 2 until length is the same as width.

I get roughly 3 dish clothes from one ball of Lily Sugar'n Cream. You may get more or less depending on the size of your dish cloths.


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