Thursday, June 19, 2014

Jimmy Bean's

This is one of the main reasons why I love buying from Jimmy Bean's Wool (dot com):

I ordered this 3 days ago, and it arrived today. I paid $4 for shipping. The only thing I have ever been disappointed about with Jimmy Bean's is finding out they're no longer going to carry anything sewing related. It's yarn from now on. Given that I knit and stuff, I am happy about this because there's more room for more yarn, but it means that my go-to place for fabric, notions, and freaking fantastic customer service now gives me a sad.

I'll still shop here, happily! But I'll have to find somewhere else to go for sewing.

Now, onto some great news. What's shown here would have cost me about $100. It cost a hair under $50, because it's all on sale. Since they're not carrying sewing things anymore, they're selling it all from 40-50% off. Great things some times come from a sad.

As a side note: I love that Colette patterns come in little booklets like that. They're totally cute!


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