Monday, August 18, 2014

Myrtle Sew along

I'm a bit late in posting this because I've been super busy, but a few weeks ago I joined a sew along over on

Remember the secret new pattern that I posted about? Well, I got an email from the designer's newsletter letting everyone know that there would be a sew along for it, and I went and signed up right away. Unfortunately, it took me a bit longer to get the money for fabric together than I would have liked. (That's always the case isn't it?) So I just got my fabric for it at the end of last week, and I'm almost positive I should have been starting the sewing for it by then.

By the way, how do you write sew along? Is it indeed "sew along" or is it sew a long, or sewalong, or sew-a-long? Ever notice how if you stare at the word "along" long enough it looks wrong?

Anyway, I ended up getting two fabrics. One as the muslin for it, because I've never sewn knit fabric and I'd rather ruin the cheaper of the two first. :p

           This dusty rose has more of an antique look to it in person, but believe it or not, it only cost me about $4 per yard, and when you need three yards, that's a wonderful deal! So, this is my muslin, and here's hoping everything fits wonderfully and I'll have two different colors of this dress.

This is the color I actually ended up choosing. I know that it's not a color I picked before from that post, but I couldn't find any jersey knit in those colors, except the white, and I couldn't decide because green looks fabulous on me! So, I let my husband pick for me. Aren't I nice?

Today I'm going to finally get around to washing my fabric and tracing my pattern pieces, and then cutting them out, while reading the sew along posts so I know what I've got coming.


PS- We got a new kitten on Saturday, and boy does she make writing blog posts difficult!

Bailey Gwyndolynn


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